About Us

Absolute Adventure is the premier destination for thrilling outdoor adventure and experiential learning experiences. We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of schools, businesses and individuals who are looking for a transformative experience in breathtaking natural settings. We believe that the outdoors can inspire, challenge and connect people, so we added our personal touch to it and curated a product that is sure to provide you with an unforgettable adventure.

Absolute Adventure was founded in 2005 with a passion for nature. We believe that the UAE offers more than stunning skylines and a luxurious lifestyle, and we want to share that passion with anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and the outdoors. The founder, Paul Oliver, has more than thirty years experience as a highly-qualified outdoor instructor and expedition leader and has comprehensive knowledge about the UAE's landscapes and even international adventure planning.

We don't confine ourselves to the borders of the UAE, we also have trade licenses in Oman and Bulgaria and have the experience and capabilities to organise and consult on a worldwide level.

With a team of experienced and passionate adventure enthusiasts, we guarantee high-quality experiences. We spend a lot of time to recruit only the best candidates, and then even more time to train them until they meet the highest standards of what it takes to be part of the team at Absolute Adventure.

What we promise

For Schools

we offer a variety of camps that are designed to incorporate nature and adventure with their daily learning while ensuring the children have a fun and safe experience. We bring textbooks to life with immersive activities that will challenge them and allow them to think outside of the box. All our guides and instructors have previous experience working with children and cultivating adventures that they will always remember.

For Corporates

For corporates and businesses looking to strengthen their teams, or plan strategies, visions and missions, we provide team building, leadership workshops, strategy days, wellness retreats and any other adventure you can imagine that will foster a healthy team spirit and inspire ideas.

For Individual

For individual adventurers who are looking to break away from their daily lives and push themselves, whether a bit or to the limit, we welcome you to join any of our outdoor adventures set in the mountains, water, mangroves or desert. Solo travellers, as well as groups, are welcome as long as you bring the spirit!

Professional Consulting

We provide professional consulting for outdoor adventure planning and have guided several governmental and private entities to develop outstanding outdoor products and procedures. We also offer courses to individuals who would like to explore outdoor adventure as a career, and these include navigation, first aid, fire safety, water safety and more.